My review on Half-Girlfriend


When ever I get a novel I always checks the review.. and the review for Mr Chetan Bhagat’s half girlfriend  is not that impressive… Still I thought of giving it a try only because of the impressive title it holds.. Something is better than nothing right.. ..

I think Chetan Bhagat gets way more stick than he deserves. The truth is, he writes and India reads. Most of his critics are hard-core literature fans who can’t stand the fact that he is one of the most popular writer in India. Yes, his writing style is nothing compared to Ruskin Bond R k Narayan or Salman Rushdie but someone who is selling so much must be doing something right.

Bhagat always takes up issues which produce with the masses. In Half Girlfriend, the protagonist is a Bihari guy named Madhav who has a hard time speaking English. Now what a big deal in that? There are thousands of youth who will readily see themselves in Madhav and will have no difficulty in underrstanding Bhagat’s simplistic yet charming writing style.Picking up books which have intellectual depth and lively lessons, this I feel, is Bhagat’s biggest contribution. The repeated references to Madhav’s poor English is annoying at times, but almost every book has a phase where the reader fights within himself to either put it down or give it a try. I chose to read on. And the book did hold my attention. Till the last page. And mind you, I am not a person who reads “Only Chetan Bhagat Novels”. I have read my fair share of classics and some have bored me to death. Half Girlfriend had me hooked. It’s a charming love story. You will end up rooting for Madhav

There is the inevitable drama. Almost Bollywood like. Soon to be I guess!!  Will we ever dare to criticise Dan Brown for going minute details of Roman Architecture? Well, no. We will just say that its his own style. So this is Bhagat’s style. And it’s good. He has his own style, his own niche. But Yes Mr Bhagat has definetely touched some sentiments and issues of India like problem of rural education but the book also suggests ways to improve one’s English. The techniques may seem too raw for the average Goodreads user or a regular reader, but in truth, they are very effective for a person like me. A young boy reading this book will understand this more than you and I ever will.

Half Girlfriend is a very good read.A sweet but unusual love story. A regular reader can easily finish it off in three or four sessions. It is one of the bestsellers for sure. I just hope that people digest the fact that he is a good writer who knows his strengths and sticks by them.

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

Kudos to Bhagat for going on despite all the criticism. You Sir, have all my respect.


Deception of beauty

All these days I was thinking what to write.. now when I finally know what should be the subject,  I am falling short of words..

Physical beauty seems to be the attribute for goodness😈😤

Its heart breaking to know for choosing a friend.. ( girl or boy).. looks and physique do matter… Do it really matters???

What qualities we look in for a friend.. his/her’s nature, shouldn’t be judgmental, trustworthy /loyal, share and care for us etc.. then why people look for good looking friend.. Is it necessary a person who looks good will be good from inside tooo..

Inner beauty does not need makeup. Don’t judge anyone by their skin color, body size or outer beauty.. other wise you will miss a true friend..

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